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25 Best Bartending Jobs In Houston TX

Bartending Jobs in Houston TX

Bartenders are responsible for taking drink orders directly from patrons or through waitstaff who place orders for dine-in or hotel room customers, serving food to patrons sitting at the bar, maintaining a clean and safe work area and creating an engaging customer service experience. They must possess outstanding customer service skills that create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for customers to enjoy their beverages. Below are Bartending Jobs in Houston

  • Golden Nugget

    Bartender Westin Houston Downtown

  • Landry's

    Bartender Westin Houston Downtown

  • Hamsa Rice Village Llc


  • NoPo Cafe Market & Bar


  • Aimbridge Hospitality

    Bartender-Beverage 2

  • tukr

    Bartender Jobs in Houston Texas

  • Aimbridge Hospitality

    Bartender / Cook H-Bar

  • First Class Workforce Solutions


  • First Class Workforce Solutions


  • Hilton

    Bartender – R24 Executive Lounge – Hilton Americas-Houston

  • Four Seasons Hotels

    Toro Toro Bartender

  • Tiny's No. 5

    Bartender (Tiny’s No. 5)

  • OTG Management


  • Aramark

    Bartender – Porsche

  • Aramark

    Bartender – Porsche

  • Aimbridge Hospitality

    Bartender-Beverage 3

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Bartender Job Description Template

We are seeking bartenders who are professional and high-energy who has excellent communication skills, to serve traditional drinks as well as exciting new ones to our clients. The bartender will greet patrons to learn about their tastes ask questions, provide recommendations for menu items and cook and serve food and drinks. You can also sell products, develop recipes, make use of the right materials and tools, as well as perform the basic cleaning tasks.

To be successful as bartenders, you must possess a professional appearance and an engaging, warm persona. You need to be efficient and observant, as well as knowledgeable and sociable.

Bartender Responsibilities:

  • The receptionist welcomes customers, reads and listening to customers to understand their preferences in drinks providing recommendations, as well as taking orders for drinks.
  • Menus for drinks and informing customers about new drinks and specials.
  • Mixing and selecting ingredients as well as garnishing glasses and serving drinks to clients.
  • Verifying identification to make sure that customers are of legal age to purchase alcohol.
  • Making inventory and placing orders for items to ensure that the bar and tables are fully stocked.
  • Conforming to all standards for quality and safety in food.
  • Processing cash, credit debit transactions assuring that charges are correct and delivering correct cash to the patrons while balancing the cash drawer.
  • Cleaning up your work area and dining areas by taking out garbage, cleaning tables and dishes and utensils as well as equipment.
  • Making new cocktails.

Bartender Requirements:

  • High school certificate.
  • Further training, education or certificates might be required.
  • Attained the state minimum age required for serving alcohol.
  • The ability to work at night weekend, on holidays and weekends.
  • Positive, engaging personality as well as professional look.
  • Fundamental maths and computing abilities.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities.
  • Excellent task and time management capabilities.
  • Eye for detail and knowledge of the tools used to mix drinks and methods.
  • Ability to walk, stand and bend for prolonged periods and lift up to 25 pounds.

Bartender Jobs in Houston TX

A good bartender is able to provide excellent customer service. Top bartendersĀ engage with patrons in a genuine way, making them special. Bartender jobs in high-volume bars, like Lilly & Bloom and The Flat, are highly demanding, butĀ  can bring in a significant amount of tips, which can help to offset a relatively low salary.

Mixing Alcoholic Beverages

Providing a pleasant drinking experience for guests is the most important jobs for Houston bartenders. This includes taking drink orders and serving beverages to customers while maintaining a clean and sanitary bar area. The bartender must be familiar with classic cocktails and the ingredients to mix them, but they should also be able to experiment with new drinks. In addition, the bartender must adhere to all proper alcohol handling, safety, and sanitation procedures, and keep a complete inventory of all beverage items at the back and service bars.

Bartenders Preparing Food

Depending on the restaurant or hotel, a bartender may need to be proficient in preparing and serving food as well. This includes knowing how to make a few basic dishes, and being able to understand the food menu so they can take food orders from servers or guests.

Bartender Is Responsible for Verifying Customer Age

A bartender is responsible to verify a customerā€™s age requirements and follow all state and local laws for serving alcohol. A bartender manages the barā€™s inventory by physically counting bottles and updating an inventory spreadsheet (or by using a software program). He must keep up with all beverage sales so that they know how much stock to order when it comes time to reorder.

How to Become a Bartender?

Get Bartendering Practise Instead of Going To Bartender School

Getting real working experiences is crucial for any bartender. Time spend working in bar is better spend than going to bartender school.

You see, bartending is an art that can only be mastered through experience. It’s about juggling bottles and glasses like a circus performer, while keeping a cool head and a steady hand. It’s about knowing exactly what your customers want before they even open their mouths.

Sure, you can learn the basics in school, but when the bar is packed with thirsty patrons and the orders are flying in faster than a speeding bullet, all that theory goes out the window.

Get behind the bar, and start slinging drinks like a pro. Because in this industry, experience is the only currency that matters.

While taking classes isnā€™t necessarily detrimental to your bartending career, it rarely provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to be successful.

Start Working in Bar as Barback or Server

Start as a barback or server, observing the bartenders in their natural habitat. Watch as they effortlessly mix and pour, their hands moving with the grace of a ballet dancer. Learn the art of multitasking, balancing trays of drinks while dodging the chaos of a crowded bar.

Immerse yourself in the world of cocktails and spirits, becoming a walking encyclopedia of drink recipes and mixology techniques. Memorize the classics like a poet memorizes lines of verse, and experiment with new concoctions like a mad scientist in a lab. Master the art of presentation, garnishing each drink with precision and flair. Become a master of flavor, knowing which ingredients will dance together harmoniously on the palate.

Develop a sixth sense for customer service, anticipating their needs before they even voice them. Be a mind reader, knowing when to engage in lively conversation and when to give them space. Be a therapist, listening to their troubles and offering a sympathetic ear. Be a magician, conjuring up their favorite drink with a flick of your wrist.

Become a master of efficiency, working with speed and precision. Move through the bar like a well-oiled machine, never missing a beat. Know the layout of the bar like the back of your hand, reaching for bottles and tools without hesitation.Ā 

Finally, embrace the camaraderie of the industry, forging friendships with your fellow bartenders and servers. Share war stories and trade secrets over late-night drinks. Celebrate the victories and commiserate the defeats together.