Opportunities For Employment As A Server In New York City

Opportunity to join a highly competitive team. Provide outstanding customer service and food knowledge. Fulfill a variety of front-of-house or FOH duties such as greeting customers, taking orders quickly, seating them promptly etc.

Responsible for providing our guests with an authentic, upscale dining experience by greeting and seating them, taking their orders, communicating with kitchen staff, selling food and drinks and collecting payment. Open availability; evenings and weekends preferred.

Restaurants in New York City

New York City has numerous restaurant industry job opportunities. Serving, cocktail waiting or bartending roles offer excellent salary potential in this thriving metropolis; staffing agencies or individual establishments could all offer placement.

Restaurant servers take orders from customers, sell food and drinks, answer inquiries about menu items, communicate with kitchen staff to ensure delivery on time, take and enter payment, resolve complaints or problems quickly and ensure all guests leave having had a positive experience.

This high-end fine dining restaurant is currently seeking an experienced part-time/full-time restaurant server who excels at customer service. An ideal candidate would possess extensive wine and food knowledge and be a team player. To succeed in this position, candidates must possess strong work ethics with multitasking abilities as well as prioritization abilities.

Join a well-recognized restaurant group in an exciting location and expand your skillset! This opportunity offers you an incredible chance to join one of their highly successful restaurant groups and start growing in both culinary and service abilities while building valuable experience. They pride themselves on serving top quality cuisine in an unparalleled dining environment, boasting exceptional service with wonderful atmosphere – providing an opportunity for growth both personally and professionally! This position can offer invaluable experience.

Full and part time positions are currently open for restaurant servers to help provide outstanding hospitality in a fun, fast paced environment. Our ideal candidates will have prior experience working in restaurants as well as flexible availability including evenings, weekends and holidays. It is necessary that candidates possess both standing capabilities as well as clean appearance for extended periods. To apply, send your resume with a cover letter directly to:

Server Jobs NYC Bars

Are You Considering Becoming a Server at Bars? | Serving bars is an ideal way to break into the hospitality industry. These jobs can be found everywhere from restaurants and hotels to nightclubs and events; all require high customer service levels as well as hard work. In addition to serving cocktails and food to customers, servers take orders and process payments before also cleaning the bar and tables when necessary.

Finding an open server position at a restaurant or bar is the ideal way to secure one, if you don’t know where to begin looking for one. Local restaurants or online can often have openings. In order to stand out, make sure your resume outlines your experience and qualifications; include clear photographs when possible so employers remember you for interviews; dress professionally without wearing anything revealing; be prepared for possible interviews by being organized!

Barbacks are bartender’s assistants who help prepare drinks and other tasks, ensure the bartender has all of their supplies such as ice, napkins, straws and other necessities stocked at all times and clean tables when necessary – they also check IDs to make sure patrons meet age requirements to purchase alcohol beverages and may assist with opening/closing duties like cleaning the area around it and arranging bottles.

As a restaurant server, your primary role is ensuring all customers enjoy an exceptional dining experience. It is your duty to know every aspect of the menu and food items offered so that you can answer any queries from guests, take accurate orders for food and drinks as soon as they come in, serve on time with special requests fulfilled promptly, while communicating quickly and clearly among your coworkers.

If you enjoy working in an intense and fast-paced environment, hospitality industry careers may be ideal for you. Offering both full-time and part-time positions to fit every lifestyle. Furthermore, you can work at one location or travel between multiple sites for work.


Jobs in Nightclubs & Entertainment Venues in NYC

New York is well known for its vibrant nightlife, offering many nightclubs offering various kinds of music as well as hosting popular DJs and performers. Furthermore, bars often serve drinks to complement this party atmosphere.

Note that to gain entry to any nightclub in New York City, you must be 21 or over and possess valid identification. Most nightclubs open around 11 pm and remain open until 3 or 4 am; expect long lines at the door and bouncers who select people based on attire or appearance for entrance.

A Server Job in New York City nightclubs provide many ways for people to secure employment as servers or bartenders, with some positions requiring experience while others don’t require any training whatsoever. Staffing agencies or directly applying to restaurants offer the most reliable routes into these jobs – this makes for ideal jobs for students who require flexible scheduling while hoping to make some extra cash!

New York City nightlife economy supported 299,000 jobs and generated $23.1 billion. Food service dominated with 80% of jobs, employee compensation and economic output while entertainment and arts provided 7% and 6% respectively of both these statistics.

While New York City may have recovered after its post-lockdown slumber, its nightlife scene still boasts some of the world’s most captivating clubs and dance floors. Ranging from high-end clubs with bottle service and live music venues to lively dance halls – New York offers something for every type of visitor.

Catering Venues Jobs & NYC Events

Catering could be the perfect job if you love working with people and want a flexible schedule; as a server in catering you work on contract basis for various events providing food and beverage services; these typically take place at high-end restaurants, private parties and corporate events. As part of this job you would take orders, communicate with kitchen to make sure orders are fulfilled correctly before refilling drinks as needed as well as deliver food/drink orders to guests before collecting payment from them.

Catering companies are in high demand for experienced servers who can provide outstanding customer service, creating more opportunities than ever for server jobs in catering. There are two methods of becoming a server: either through staffing agencies or applying to multiple jobs simultaneously and seeing which fits. Preparing your resume and cover letter in advance will enable you to easily submit them quickly to various restaurants across town.

Are You an Experienced Restaurant Server Looking for Full-time Employment at a Fine Restaurant in NYC? This position could offer great benefits, including medical, dental and vision insurance as well as a 401(k) plan with monthly employer contributions. As long as you work well as part of a team and prove your dedication and willingness to put in hard work then the position could be right for you! Many restaurants conduct formal interview processes where potential candidates meet with management and the head chef to discuss background qualifications; being part of this type of role could result in you landing full-time employment!


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