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Server Jobs NYC

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Server Jobs in New York NY

If you are thinking of hiring a server, you will need to write an accurate job description that will attract the right candidates and help them understand what to expect from the position. A good server can provide an excellent customer service experience and boost restaurant revenue, which is important for the business owner.

In most cases, servers are not required to work a specific amount of hours in a week and they can choose when they want to work based on their other life commitments or personal plans. In addition, servers are often tipped by customers and this can add up to a significant income.

The type of restaurant in which a server works can also impact the job duties and responsibilities that they have to perform. A more casual dining establishment, for example, might have a less demanding clientele in terms of customer expectations and may require fewer experienced servers. On the other hand, a formal setting that caters to special events and large groups will have different rules and requirements for their staff.

Some of the basic restaurant server responsibilities include greeting and assisting diners before, during, and after their meals, taking orders from patrons, and answering questions about menu items. They might also be responsible for setting tables with silverware, glasses, and napkins and refilling water and condiment packages. They might also serve food from the kitchen to customers or assist diners in making their choices from a buffet.

Server Job Description Template

We are seeking servers who are accountable in taking food orders and delivering it to the customers. The duties will include taking orders for drinks and food and putting them on slips of order, as well as making sure that tables are serviced in a timely manner and that all payment are received.

To be successful in this job you must be positive and have the ability to perform under pressure with bussers cooks, and other employees. Experience with the customer in a hectic work environment is highly desired.

Server Responsibilities:

  • Make food and drinks orders from your customers with accuracy while maintaining a positive outlook.
  • Write the patron’s food orders on order slips, write down orders, or input orders in computers to send to the kitchen staff.
  • Interact with your customers in a pleasant manner.
  • The menu is well-known, with the ability to provide suggestions.
  • Make sure your guests are eating well and make sure to address any issues.
  • Pay table payments.
  • Checks should be prepared that detail the total costs for meals as well as sales taxes.
  • Assist the food preparation staff whenever needed.

Server Requirements:

  • Experientially providing exceptional client service within a busy environment.
  • Positive attitude and the ability to work under pressure. This includes bussers, cooks and other staff.
  • Ability to do top-quality work without supervision.
  • Ability to manage money with accuracy and operate a point of sale system.
  • High school certificate.
  • Ability to function in a fast-paced workplace and to deliver orders on time.